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Micro Learning | Learning by Doing | Academic and Brain Development Activities

Must Have Reusable Flashcards for Kids..

Invest in your Child's Learning Journey!

600+ Activity Flashcards

Clipboard Pad

2 Erasable Markers

Star Sheets to Encourage

Colouring Sketchpen

Quality Storage Pouch

Re-Usable and Durable

Portable & Light Weight

Long Term Investment

Travel Companion

Brain Development

Complex Thinking Skills

What topics are covered in Activity Flashcards Kit?

600+ flashcards are included in each age groups. Contents and topics are different as per different age group as shown below.

All these below categories are included in 2 to 4 years age group (Nursery).

All these below categories are included in 4 to 5 years age group (LKG).

All these below categories are included in 5 to 6 years age group (UKG).

All these below categories are included in 6 to 7 years age group (Class 1 Math).

All these below categories are included in 7 to 8 years age group (Class 2 Math).

Interactive Write, Wipe and Erase Flashcards for Kids

It includes 600+ Interactive, Reusable and Durable Flash Cards that covers Academic Topics, Logical Thinking, Problem Solving and other Brain Development Activities.

Reusable Activity Flash cards for Kids

600+ Activities

Learning by Doing using Interactive Flash Cards

Reusable activity flash cards for kids


Completely reusable, laminated and durable flash cards

Flash Cards for Kids

Star Sheets

Encourage kids by Stars and Mark Activities already done

Frequently Asked Questions

What Activities are included ?

Total 600+ Activities with micro learning objective like Tracing Patterns, Alphabet, Numbers, Animals, Birds, Fine Motor Skills, Shapes and Colours, Seasons, Body Parts, Fruits and Vegetables, Logical Thinking, Complex and Problem Solving Skills and many other Brain Development Activities.

Is this Reusable ?

Yes. Flash Cards are 350 GSM thick and are laminated and durable. Your child can do activity and can easily erase it. After your child has used this kit, you can give to siblings or cousins or even can donate to poor kids. All Flash Cards are re-usable.

All materials shown in the video are included in your kit ?

Yup. It includes 600+ Flashcards, 1 Clipboard Pad,  2 Sets of Erasable Marker Pen, 1 Set of Colour Sketch-Pen and Star Sheets.

Is there any holder for Flashcards Kit ?

Yes, we provide durable high quality folder pouch, in which you can safely put all your activity flashcards and material.


What is the total weight of the entire kit ?

Total Weight of entire kit with folder pouch and packing is around 1.4 KG.

Do you have Return Policy ?

We will provide replacement if there are any issues. But we do not have return or refund policy. Get in touch with sales team if you have any queries.

How can I purchase Activity Kit ?

You can make the online payment. We also accept PayTM and bank transfer. Get in touch with our sales team to know more.

What is the delivery time ?

Generally we deliver your kit within 5 to 10 working days, but due to Covid-19 issues delivery may take around 7 to 10 working days.

Are you delivering in Red Zone and Lockdown?

Yes, we are delivering all over India including lockdown areas.

How to Order Activity Flashcards Kit ?

Regular Price ₹ 2699/-

₹ 1350

For limited time only.

We help Toddlers, Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary kids with worksheets, educational apps and activities for kids.

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